North London Wargames Group 

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Books we like concerning the hobby

"Great Commanders Head-To-Head" The Battles Of The U.S. Civil war

By Kevin J Dougherty

Good battle information, lots of illustrations and orders of battle.

amber Books

Hitlers Atlantic Wall

By Anthony Saunders

Excellent reference work on construction of the defences.

Sutton Publishing

How to Make Wargames Terrain

Excellent guide to constructing terrain pieces and buildings. Beautifully illustrated in colour. Slanted towards GW's own products but highly informative for the general wargamer.

Games Workshop

Men of Steel

6 Armoured Division in the 1965 War.

Army Education Publishing House GHQ Rawalpindi

Renaissance Armies 1480-1650

By George Gush

An invaluable primer for an increasingly popular wargames period, by one of the luminaries of the genre. Details costume, troop-types, units and standards for each of the main protagonists. Highly recommended.

Patrick Stephens Ltd

The Encyclopedia of Military Vehicles

Books on AFVs are ten a penny but this one deals with the unglamorous workhorses - trucks, tractors, jeeps, and other softskins that are rarely featured.

Pat Ware

The Road to Koniggratz

By Quintin Barry

Highly readable account of the 1866 campaign in Bohemia in which the Prussian army under Moltke drove the Austrian Empire and its allies to surrender.


The Uniforms Of The Roman World

By Kevin F Kiley

Great descriptions and art work

Lorenz Books

Weapons of World War II

By Alexander Ludeke

From AFVs to major warships and everything in between of all nations. It's a useful all in one publication, easy to read with good graphics. A solid source book for anyone wanting an oversight on the direction each nation took with regards to weaponry.