North London Wargames Group 

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Team Yankee 6mm Mega Game 

NLWG's Introduction into gaming WW3
We've loved every minute of our journey and developing the game system to suit our needs. 

Figures used were Heroics and Ros with scenery from HOTZ mats, Leven Miniatures, Timecast, Kallistra, GCMINI.COM and local hobby stores.

For a ruleset we went with Team Yankee from Battlefront Miniatures adapted to give the rules a more detailed flavour. The in-house rules will be found at the bottom of the page as a free download along with the team briefings...

T minus 40 days...

Tensions between the USSR and the Western Nations are rising...the game is on! The Kremlin's plan for Operation Tempest, the invasion of Western Europe, is well advanced and orders / objectives will soon be communicated to local commanders. NATO is keeping a careful eye on the developing situation with the intention of responding accordingly.

Further communiques are to follow as the situation develops.

T minus 30 days...

Tensions remain at a high level between East and West and both Warsaw Pact and NATO forces are being mobilised - NATO stresses that they are mobilising American, British, Dutch and West German units as a precautionary measure in response to Soviet aggression. 

NATO has also detected increased levels of Warsaw Pact military communications to front line units and photographic reconnaissance reports show Soviet tank and infantry formations being moved closer to the East German Border. 

Communications has also been intercepted and deciphered revealing the following Warsaw Pact command structure;

Warsaw Pact Team:

Nigel - WARPAC CinC - Soviet
Simon - Soviet
Jean - East German
Mike - Polish
Martin - Soviet
Adam - Soviet

In response, NATO has appointed the following command positions;

Ray - NATO CinC - US
Ian - Dutch
Steve - West German
Will - West German
Charles - British
Ilyas - British

T minus 20 days...

NATO communication intercepts have established that Warsaw Pact forces are planning to launch a strike on Western Europe at any time soon. 

Warpac HQ plans for its "Operation Tempest" are well advanced and their forces continue to build up at an alarming rate - the objective for the communist forces in the North appears to be the deep water container port of Bremerhaven in Lower Saxony. 

Likely avenues of approach have been identified and NATO forces are being quickly moved into the area. Dutch and West German forces will form the initial defensive screen with British and American forces reinforcing as the battle develops. NATO has requested a USMC detachment be sent to .Bremerhaven but it is uncertain as to when this is likely to arrive. 

Bremerhaven must be held at all costs to prevent Warpac forces having direct access to the North Sea. 

Zero hour...
пусть начнется игра..!